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What Is Home Automation?

Home Automation allows you to have access to your appliances, lights, heating, cooling systems, and even electrical outlets. You can definitely set these controls up and running by the use of your smartphone.

This is a part of the term called "The Internet of Things" or IoT. The way that devices can be networked to each other and let us control them easily and comfortably.

Home Automation has been with us for decades, from simple controls for limited appliances and now has grown even bigger and better. We can now control a lot of our devices and smart things at home from our smartphone. Examples of Home Automation are smart TVs, thermostats, appliances, lights, video doorbells, blinds, light switches, deadbolts, etc. and voice control devices such as Siri and Alexa.

Imagine going home to an exhausting day, wanting to just cuddle up in your bed the minute you step in your home. You can just quickly turn the lights on, air conditioner or heater and even music with only some clicks on your smartphone. Simple as that.

Every day you have a specific time you want to wake up, you can set the alarm with an automation system or device to wake you up. When you want to lower the temperature or set it high at a given time, you can schedule it, so it automatically works the way you like it. Home Automation allows its users to set smart appliances when to turn on and off. You can set it up at the exact time when you want it to work. Say, you are expecting someone to clean your house; you can set a unique code to be accessible by that time. You can unlock the house, and turn on the lights for them.

With the advanced technology of Home Automation, it can notify you of some glitches that can happen in your home. Whether it's gas leaks, water leaks, heater problem and etc. This system can even notify you if somebody is at your front door.

Does Home Automation work when you're away from home? Absolutely. You can remotely control what is connected through your smartphone, whether you are in the office, at a friend's house or even if you are on vacation. You can even turn on and off the lights when you are on vacation so that nobody knows you are away from home.

Home Automation is a secure and trusted technology. The pricing varies depending on the device and brand to be used, but you can definitely save in the long run. 

Reference: https://callcristobal.blog/2019/05/30/what-is-home-automation/

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